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Roulette Rules And Strategy

Roulette | The Game:

Roulette rules and strategies outlined: Roulette is a game that gives a player the chance to earn big winnings.
#0 Online Casino's Roulette game is based on standard American Double Zero roulette, according to the standard rules of the Nevada Gaming Commission. An ivory ball circles in the rotating roulette wheel that consists of 36 numbers plus 0 and 00. Eventually, the ball stops randomly on one of the 38 numbers. The player's job is to predict the outcome of each spin by placing bets in the fields of the roulette table. Each player wagers against the bank. Your winnings will be based on how well you have predicted the ball's final resting place by placing your chips accordingly.

How to Play Roulette:

Use your cursor and left mouse button to select the chip that you wish to wager. Next, place the chip on the roulette table by clicking on the desired table field. You can regret a wagered chip before the game begins by clicking on the wagered chip with your left mouse button and dragging it off of the playing surface. When you have placed your bets, press the SPIN button to activate the roulette wheel.

If you would like to bet on the same number(s) during the next spin, click on the last bet button. Then click on spin to start the next round.

Roulette Betting:

There are 9 different ways to place roulette bets. Each bet covers a different set of numbers and has a different distribution, as shown in the "Winnings Table" section.

Odds of Winning:

Chip Covers:



1 number

Straight Up

35 to 1

2 numbers

Split Bet

17 to 1

3 numbers

Street Bet

11 to 1

4 numbers

Corner Bet

8 to 1

5 numbers

Five Bet

6 to 1

6 numbers

Line Bet

5 to 1

12 numbers

Dozen Bet or Column Bet

2 to 1

18 numbers

Red/Black, Even/Odd or Low/High

1 to 1

Roulette Strategy

Many people think there is little to discuss when it comes to roulette rules and strategy. This may be a bit of truth and a bit of untruth; the fact of the matter is, roulette strategy is simple but subtle. Overall the math behind roulette is simple, but not very friendly. American roulette boasts a house edge of 5.26% for every bet except one. What’s worse is the other bet (five-number bet, see roulette rules page) give an even worse house edge of 7.29%. What it comes down to if you want to utilize a roulette strategy that’s effective, is looking for extended rules.

Atlantic city casinos for the most part entertain a beneficial rule called ‘surrender’. If this rule is in place (ask at the table before you play) your as close as your going to get to using a roulette strategy.

The surrender rule applies only to outside bets that pay even money. Those are: red/black, even/odd, and high/low. If the ball lands on 0 or 00 (double zero) you only lose half of your bet instead of all of it. The casinos edge then drops to about 2.63%, still not in your favor, but a heck of a lot better.

The numbers look like this:

Advantage = [18/38 x 1] + [18/38 x (-1)] + [2/38 x (-0.5)]
  = -1/38
  = -0.0263
  or a house edge of 2.63%

Another roulette strategy to employ is keeping an eye peeled for wheels that don’t have a double zero. European roulette wheels come this way standard, but American tables rarely use it, as it decreases the house edge. Over 12 bets the house edge drops to 2.7% so keeping an eye out for this is a smart roulette strategy before you place your bet.

Roulette Basics...

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